Buy 3D Printer: Things to Consider

Buy 3D Printer: Things to Consider

Today, so many people opt to buy a 3D printer because of the wonders that the machine has to offer in different industries and even for personal use. But with a wide range of models to choose from today, this becomes a challenge to choose which one to purchase. To serve as your guide, here are some factors that you need to consider.

Assembled or DIY?

This is a common question that should be answered when having plans to buy a 3D printer. With printers that are widely used by makers, as well as creative communities, it makes a great sense that such a tool could be assembled by the hands of those who have plans of using it.

Making a printer from scratch can be a bit of a challenge. Good thing that you can find an abundance of printer DIY kits that come with clear assembly instructions for creative pleasures. If you want to get started right away and just skip the assembly, opt for a ready-made model of 3D printer, which can immediately work right out of the box.

Cheap or Expensive Printer?

Just like with the majority of purchases, price is a big consideration when choosing a good 3D printer. Oftentimes, price is an indication of the output’s quality. But depending on the kind of project that you are planning to use the printer for, you may decide whether or not to use a printer that is top of the line.

Today, it is easy to find a good assembled 3D printer that is suited to be used for the majority of home projects. If you only need a printer for small projects or just have fun with the tool, then you can just choose to use a more affordable printer.

Print Quality

The quality of the print is usually measured using two characteristics. One is how detailed the final result is and the other one is the printing speed. The detail level that a printer could achieve is being measured by microns. This means that the smaller it is, the better its quality is. When it comes to speed, the faster that its extruder moves, the faster for the object to be created.

Printing Filament

It is important to check out the materials that the printer is compatible with. While the majority of the printer works with two types of filaments- the PLA and ABS, there are models that support more options that allow the use of metal, wood, and other materials.

Is the Printer Safe?

If you happen to work under high temperatures, you need to make sure that all precautions are taken into action and the working environment and tools are all safe.

There are some types of printers that come with enclosures around its printing areas that could get extremely hot. On the other hand, some models do not have such kind of protection. In case you are not familiar with the tools and printing processes that will be used by children, it is recommended to select one that could keep the printing area enclosed.

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