Buy 3D Printer: Things to Consider

Buy 3D Printer: Things to Consider

Today, so many people opt to buy a 3D printer because of the wonders that the machine has to offer in different industries and even for personal use. But with a wide range of models to choose from today, this becomes a challenge to choose which one to purchase. To serve as your guide, here are some factors that you need to consider.

Assembled or DIY?

This is a common question that should be answered when having plans to buy a 3D printer. With printers that are widely used by makers, as well as creative communities, it makes a great sense that such a tool could be assembled by the hands of those who have plans of using it.

Making a printer from scratch can be a bit of a challenge. Good thing that you can find an abundance of printer DIY kits that come with clear assembly instructions for creative pleasures. If you want to get started right away and just skip the assembly, opt for a ready-made model of 3D printer, which can immediately work right out of the box.

Cheap or Expensive Printer?

Just like with the majority of purchases, price is a big consideration when choosing a good 3D printer. Oftentimes, price is an indication of the output’s quality. But depending on the kind of project that you are planning to use the printer for, you may decide whether or not to use a printer that is top of the line.

Today, it is easy to find a good assembled 3D printer that is suited to be used for the majority of home projects. If you only need a printer for small projects or just have fun with the tool, then you can just choose to use a more affordable printer.

Print Quality

The quality of the print is usually measured using two characteristics. One is how detailed the final result is and the other one is the printing speed. The detail level that a printer could achieve is being measured by microns. This means that the smaller it is, the better its quality is. When it comes to speed, the faster that its extruder moves, the faster for the object to be created.

Printing Filament

It is important to check out the materials that the printer is compatible with. While the majority of the printer works with two types of filaments- the PLA and ABS, there are models that support more options that allow the use of metal, wood, and other materials.

Is the Printer Safe?

If you happen to work under high temperatures, you need to make sure that all precautions are taken into action and the working environment and tools are all safe.

There are some types of printers that come with enclosures around its printing areas that could get extremely hot. On the other hand, some models do not have such kind of protection. In case you are not familiar with the tools and printing processes that will be used by children, it is recommended to select one that could keep the printing area enclosed.

3D Printing and Its Useful Applications

3D Printing and Its Useful Applications

With 3D printing, the future has become brighter with all the innovations and inventions available today. So many things have become so accessible also because of this technology. Aside from new hardware, a lot of software is now created to match the better, newer, smaller, and more cost-friendly machines.

The wonders of the technology have become very evident and applicable in different projects just like the ones below.

Fabric Embellishments

Fashion is usually cutting edge, so it is not surprising to pick up on three-dimensional printing applications. What is interesting is that you can use the materials and software in order to make an exceptional printed design, then sew it on to the existing clothing. With this, you can always DIY you clothing with customizable twist.


Do you see that grey piece in the spine that doctors are often holding? This is a 3D printed vertebra. This piece is not just for fun. This is actually like a real vertebra that is going into the spine of a person.

There was a person who was suffering from a rare bone cancer and there was a malignant tumor growing in his second vertebra, thus needing replacement. A team of doctors printed a new one that was made from titanium powder that is sturdy and lightweight. It is porous in structure that helps the bones fuse through time.


People are already making buildings with the help of a 3D printer, but often by printing pieces of the building that are stuck together. Buildings can now be printed in one go with the help of a printer. Fittingly, as soon as it’s complete, it can help architects and engineers to help bigger projects.

Musical instruments

If you are into musical instruments and thought that technology cannot help you with these things, then you need to think again. This is because with the help of the technology, it’s possible to create replacement parts that are easier and a lot cheaper compared before. This can make musical instruments a lot more accessible, beautiful, and customizable.


If you are thinking of what to wear with a shirt that you have 3D printed, then you need a perfect accessory- shoes. The technology makes it cheaper and easier to customize different designs that will fit you better according to your preferences.


Amazingly, it’s possible to 3D print a car, building it in one piece from scratch. This allows manufacturers to better create great designs and perfect these designs before they make these cars and have them available in the market.

These things and more are what the technology can offer. So much things have been made and improved with the help of the technology and a few years from now, we can expect more that can make our lives more convenient.

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How to know if your commercial 3D Printer is Really Commercial?

As 3D printers have been very popular in the recent years, there has been a higher demand for it in the market as well. However, as a result of this, may companies also sell printers at a cheaper price but may not have the best quality or is incapable of producing the expected results.

If you are someone who plans to invest in a commercial 3D printer, you need to be very careful in choosing to make sure that you get the right one for your needs and you will not end up wasting your money and time. Below are some important factors that you can look into as you begin your search for the best printer.


Part Quality

It is important to know the best resolution that will fit your needs. You should also make sure that the commercial 3D printer you are planning to acquire can deliver the needed resolution. But part quality is more than resolution. Other factors that you need to consider includes the types of geometries that you have to produce, smooth surfaces, photorealistic colors, images, and text. A hobby-class 3D printer would not be able to achieve these.


Printer reliability

Users of commercial three dimensional printers usually operate the machine around the clock 24/7. They basically rely on the machine to do their jobs, keep the assembly line running, help their colleagues do their job, and bring innovative products to the market. It would just be unacceptable if the printer is experiencing so much downtime because of its cheap components.


Build size

You need to make sure that the printer’s build bed has enough space to be able to accommodate most industrial parts, If the build volume of the printer is smaller, it wouldn’t be able to accommodate the parts that need to be produced.



A hobby-class printer has the tendency to use fused filament fabrication and fused deposition modeling and this is because of expired patents. Given this, true innovation will not be possible with these systems that need to keep the price of goods down just to offer a low-cost machine.



Almost all 3D printers, even those hobby-class desktop printers emit chemicals or materials and toxic particles that are not safe unless they are used, stored, and disposed of properly. If you are planning to use the printer in an office setting, it should not emit toxic particles or even use harmful chemicals and materials throughout the entire process.

As mentioned, there are now so many 3D printers available in the market today and this is because of the numerous benefits it has to offer. But if you want to find the best one for you, be sure to consider the above-mentioned things.


Quick Guide When You Buy 3D Printer

It may be a new industry but 3D printers are now so popular in the market. Having so many choices is a good thing as we can buy something that meets our needs. But, the sad thing is that, there have been so many people who buy 3D printer and end up regretting it. Thus, research is definitely a must if you want to make the right decision.

Decide on What You Need

Whether you need to buy a desktop 3D printer so you can print toys for the kids or a full-scale laser sintering machine intended for the fabrication of end-use parts, just be sure that you exactly know what it is that you really need.

As there are so many technologies out there, each with its own benefits and disadvantages, understanding each one of them and choosing one that will cater to your needs is very important.


Read Forums

Forum is where you can go to when you need to make an important purchase. This is a useful and helpful venue for users to openly speak about tehri experiences with a specific product. Before you buy 3D printer, read through some forums and you may find answer to your questions on technical support, complaints, and information on issues.


See It in Action

It will be of great help if you can browse through 3D printers online to find out what is available and so you can get a feel of the models that you are interested in. But, it would be best if you can actually see it in action to see the output it produces and so you will know how it operates. If you can, attend some 3D printing conferences or visit a vendor and try the model before buying it. This will help minimize future problems.


Does it have a Guarantee?

You will notice that most 3D printers that you see in the market have no guarantee. Take a look around and choose the ones that come with a guarantee so you can have a replacement or have it repaired in case of some issues.


Is there Support?

A good 3D printing company should be able to provide help and support. These 3D printers are complex devices and problems can be inevitable. With a helpful support team available, you would be able to save a lot of time, as well as money in case problems arise.

If you have plans of buying a 3D printer, be sure to take the following points into consideration so you will not be making a decision that you soon regret. When you get the right one the first time, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble, effort, time, and money.


3D Printer Australia: Best Ways to Maintain It

In Australia and even in other parts of the world, 3D printer has change the business industry, even people’s lives. With such technology, the way how we do business and produce things have greatly changed. But along with its benefits, dealing with it should be done with utmost care. You wouldn’t want it to encounter a problem or breakdown while you are in the middle of your work. Of course, it’s a given that you have to take care of it just like any other machine. This is why it is important to know who to maintain or if needed, repair the machine so you can maximize its use for the longest time possible.


Best Ways to Maintain your Printer

Not only people in Australia have seen and experienced the benefits brought about by a 3D printer. With this technology, so many tasks have been done and completed so easily with the best results. To better utilize your machine, here are the ways to maintain it.


Keep It Lubricated

The same with a car engine, your printer also has a lot of metal moving parts that may lead to stoppages if you fail to keep the rods and its linear bearings from seizing up. It’s best to use a sewing machine oil. Just drop a bit of it on the rails and rods.


Clean Out the Filament Nozzle

Clogs will have a great impact on the quality of your printed products. Even just a little clog can ruin the design or make the pieces of your project less structurally sound. Seeing even just a bit of a curve of filament that comes from the nozzle is a sign of a problem. To solve the problem, take the nozzle out of the printer. You will be needing a razor blade, tape, glass jar, and some high-quality acetone to take the clog out.


Clean the Extruder Gear

This part of your printer can be sabotaged by debris build up after a few printing jobs. The first thing to do is to unscrew the extruder from your printer, then take off its cover. You may need a bit of dismantling before you can take it out. Clean it by the time you take it out. You can also watch videos online on how the process of cleaning it should be done.


Update its Firmware

Just like with your personal computer, you would also want to keep the firmware of your 3d printer up to date at all times. When it gets buggy and you are keeping the hardware well-maintained, there will be a high possibility that others may have already recognized the problem and the problem can be solved with just a regular download.

Just like with other machines, maintenance is always a must. This is not only for the purpose of making sure that it functions at its best, but it also means protecting profits and resources, especially of you are using it for business purposes.


Things You Can Print With 3D Printing Brisbane

When you look back to the time in the past and compare it to what we have today, you will be surprised to see how much the world has changed. What is great about it is the fact that this world we have today keeps on innovating and getting better each day in terms of developments. Take three dimensional printing for instance, aside from being popular in Brisbane and so many other parts of the world, its contribution to different industries is massive.

Today, we are so enjoying the benefits of this technology, especially the fact there are there so many things that we can use at present where we can incorporate a three-dimensional printing process.

Creative Ideas for 3D Printing


With this type of printing process, it is now possible to print our favorite characters. You can have your favor cartoon character or even make our own. Not only the colors will be brighter, but the details of your 3D designed character will just be perfect. Also, it is possible to print thinner parts to make figurines and other objects.

Architectural Models

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. With 3D printing technology, just like the ones popular in Brisbane, an image just works the same. If an image is 3D printed, it can tell so many stories in a much clearer and defined way. This make printing in 3D the perfect option to make visual architectural models. This new technology can make models that are rich in details and gives a precise idea on the real colors that can be used. At the same time, the material is strong and lightweight.

3D Scans

Would you like to enjoy a 3D print for yourself or for a loved one? Whichever it is, this printing process can bring joy to anyone. As soon as you have a 3D file that is ready to be printed, you can recreate human features. 3D scans and printing, you can create 3D models of your pets or anyone you wish.

Chains and Necklaces

Three-dimensional printing opens a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to designs. Chainmail textures, chains, necklaces, and so many other are now possible in full color.

Anything you can Imagine

Indeed, 3D printing technology in Brisbane has endless possibilities. Almost anything that you can imagine can actually be printed in 3D form. You can do souvenirs, objects, and other things that you can use personally or for your business.

This is also one of the many reason why many people opt to venture in printing business, especially in three-dimensional one. It allows them to make their ideas possible and produce in a physical form that they can enjoy and even profit from. So, if you are thinking of a good business idea, you can consider printing where you can yield so many benefits.

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