LED Strip Lights: Home Uses and Advantages

LED Strip Lights: Home Uses and Advantages

Today, LED strip lights are some of the most affordable and available options when it comes to lighting. They are available in rolls or lengths, with their individual lights being mounted on a tape. These lights can also be cut into regular intervals in order to fit the needed size. This allows them to offer a great amount of flexibility. They can be placed in the different corners of the home. With these lights, imagination is the limit.

Color the Home

LED strip lights are available in various colors. You can have them in color in cool and warm white. You can also have red, green, and blue. If you want something for general lighting, white is often the most preferred option. Therefore, choose the other colors for a more dramatic look and atmosphere for the home.

Light up the Cabinets

These lights are great for under cabinet lighting as they could be cut into the desired length needed for space. This helps eliminate dark and shadowy areas around the bathrooms and kitchens. They can also brighten up the area under the counter. They are often more preferred than fluorescent tubes because of their flexibility. Moreover, they are economical which means that they can be used for a long time with less energy consumption compared to other options.

Spice up your Style

 If you have some vintage collection at home, it would be great to lighten up the bar areas with these lights. Go for glitzy colors to change your lighting theme and achieve a more glamorous bar corner. You may also opt for subtle accents that will amplify your most prized possessions. Regardless of the bar size, you can always find a perfect strip light for it.

Enjoy Reading Time

If you like reading and has a great collection of books in your bookshelf, you could light them up using LED lights. You can light every section and enjoy illuminated knowledge. On the other hand, if you have a personal corner, then you can put up some warm lights that will fit perfectly in corners and curved nooks.


  • The LED technology makes use of lesser electricity. It is up to 90% more efficient compared to other lighting solutions. Since they are available in a range of colors, they will be perfect for different needs and personalities.
  • LED lights have longer life expectancy compared to traditional lights. In most cases, a strip is expected to last for 70, 000 hours.
  • LEDs have better flexibility that they can fit into a ribbon so they bend around 90-degrees and could fit any surface.
  • These types of lights produce lesser heat compared to incandescent and halogen lights. Therefore, they are a lot safer to utilize with a lower potential of a fire hazard.
  • Installing them is very easy and they come with self-adhesive backing.

If you are looking for a great lighting option that can transform any space, then it would be a great idea to give strip lights a try.