Non Slip Floor Tiles Australia: Beauty and Safety in One

Non Slip Floor Tiles Australia: Beauty and Safety in One

Whether in the office, factory, warehouse, or home, you would definitely want a type of flooring that can transform the place to its more beautiful version. Aside from having an attractive space, you would also want to enhance the safety of the floor and allow people to be confident walking around. These are what non slip floor tiles in Australia have to offer. They come with a lot of aesthetic and practical advantages that will is helpful for both short and long term.

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common causes of injuries, especially with old people and kids around. This is why it is important to make the floor resistant to slipping to make the place safer for everyone.

Here are some of the best benefits of having a slip resistant floor or using non slip treatments for the floor.

Easy Installation

When it comes to the installation of anti-slip flooring, there are two options to choose from. You can decide to have it on your new floor or just treat the existing surface. Tiles, vinyl, or floorboards are great for new floors. On the other hand, slip-free coating in the existing surface will make it slip-resistant. You can have them as per your need, but these two options are both easy and long lasting. There is no need for you to compromise the beauty of your floor as treatment will not affect their appearance.

Lesser Accidents

Is the floor slippery? Have you been in a slip and fall accident in your office or home and had some injury? How sure are you that such will never happen again? The bathroom, kitchen floor, and laundry room will be a safety concern because they are always exposed to slippery substances. Given this, non-slip floor treatments will be of great help to minimize the risk of these accidents.


If you are working in an area like a server or computer room or in a chemical processing facility in Australia, the chances of electrostatic charge are very high. This is you need to have non slip floor tiles in order to lessen the chances of explosion. This works by allowing the charge that is created by the sole of the shoes to disperse to the electric ground. This helps prevent the transfer of electrostatic charges and the creation of an electrostatic field.

Healthy and Hygienic

With a laminated layer on top of the coating, the flooring also becomes stain-resistant and this is considered to be more hygienic compared to other types of flooring. In case something falls and it becomes dirty, you just have to wipe it off. Another great thing about laminated layers is that they for non-stickiness and non-absorbing. This makes this option both hygienic and healthy.

Aesthetics and safety are both important when it comes to flooring options. But it’s a good that with anti-slip tiles, you do not have to compromise one of them. You can ensure these to make people pleased and safe.

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