Solar Street Lights: An Economically & Eco Friendly Solutions

solar street

Given the price crisis scenario, solar lighting system is the best alternative way to save money and environment. Now-a-days, the cost of electricity is soaring sky high and to reduce such cost, solar lighting system the best alternative. Solar lighting system is good in various ways like: it is eco-friendly and a cost effective solution too. Solar lighting system is powered by solar energy which is free of cost. It is a renewable source of energy which never vanishes. Solar energy does not emit smoke or any other polluted air as other non-renewable resource does like, petroleum, kerosene, coal etc. It is the best alternative amongst all. There are various manufacturers of solar power running products in the market.

There are large numbers of solar power running products like Solar Cooker, Solar water heater, solar home lighting system, solar street lighting system and many others. Solar street lighting system is really advantageous for everyone. It is really a cost effective method. If our government avails of it and converts the entire Street Lights into solar street lighting system, then, our country can save huge amount of money.

Key benefits of solar street lighting system

  • Low cost
  • Reliable
  • Easy implementation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Provide carbon credit
  • Meet needs of all sectors
  • Easy to transport
  • Low maintenance factor
  • Highly efficient
  • No scarcity of resources

Economy Factor

Solar-power-1Solar street lighting system is very economical. It saves your cost and energy both. It has been analyzed that 30% of systems were found to support business activities, often within homes. A study of SHSs found that systems extended occupational or business activities into the night in about 40% of the homes surveyed. Solar energy is produced by sun and is free of cost. Solar street lighting system reduces the cost of your electricity bills. You just need to install solar panels where sun rays fall direct. Installation of solar panels are very easy, you can do it yourself or hire a vendor to install the panels. You just need to pay installation charges which are minimal. Solar lighting system also needs maintenance 30 years post installation, so maintenance cost needed.


Solar street lighting is an eco-friendly solution. It replaces other non-renewable resources like kerosene lamps, dry cell batteries, and car batteries charged from a grid or generator in rural areas. PV modules generate electricity without emitting local air pollution or acid rain precursor gases, water pollution, or noise. You can save environment from solar lighting.

To make your environment and pocket healthy – avail solar power systems.